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Our family

Hi! Welcome to Idaho Choice Beef! We're so happy you've come to learn about our service and our family.

We have lived in Southeastern Idaho for many years. Joe and the kids were born and raised here. Emily moved her in 1995, met Joe in high school, and has called Idaho her home ever since.

Joe was born here in American Falls. In fact, he was one of the last babies born at our rural hospital. Joe likes to tell people that he has lived within a one mile radius of the same home his whole life, except for two years he spent on a proselytizing mission in Argentina! Emily grew up in the city in Utah, Nevada, and Texas, so she had a lot to learn when she met Joe and began helping on the farm on their second date!

Joe began working on the farm when he was 8. Back then, his parents owned a dairy and raised calves. Joe spent his childhood marching up and down the steps into the milking parlor, learning to drive on tractors and equipment, and bottle-feeding calves. He had a 4H project every year, raising steers and pigs.

Joe and Emily got married in 2002 and started the family in 2004. They have 3 kinds, J, K, and R. While raising kids, they raised cattle. Joe also has a BS in Nuclear Engineering, and Emily has a BA in English and is just a thesis defense away from an MA in English. She teaches school at a tiny, rural Idaho school (graduating class of 19!) and teaches English to kids in China online. She's also a cheer coach and pep club adviser--they see a LOT of high school sports! Joe loves it, and he loves the kids. He was in the yearbook last year as their superfan!

Joe and Emily love Idaho. They love ag and have long been advocates for farming with Farm Bureau. They are committed to closing the gap between families and their food. Everyone can and should have the opportunity to know where their food comes from. Get to know us at Idaho Choice Beef!