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Joe has lived and worked on this farm since 1980. He began milking cows and caring for calves when he was 8. His life has been dedicated to producing quality food. After 20 years of custom raising cattle for feedlots, dairies, and investors, he wondered why he couldn't raise cattle for people who just want good food. In his work with farming advocates, the constant refrain was that the American consumer is disconnected from the farm, ignorant of where their food comes from. Joe suspected that their ignorance and distance wasn't due to disinterest or apathy. People just didn't know how to connect to ag. That's what he offers you today. Own your own animal. Let him use his expertise to feed it to quality, and then enjoy knowing that you know where your meat came from. You know who grew it. It literally went from the farm, to the butcher, to your door. Be involved in your food again. Know what you're eating. Choose Idaho Choice.