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When you buy with Idaho Choice, you buy more than just meat. You co-op to own your own cow that you share with your neighbors, bringing fresh, local beef from our farm to your table.


Idaho Choice Beef is your local supplier for fresh, ethically, and quality raised beef. Each animal is born locally, raised locally, and butchered locally.

Raw Meat with Rosemary

Did your grandma and grandpa have a cow they raised for beef? Wasn't it wonderful to have fresh, local beef on hand? If only you had the space or know-how to raise your own cow! Now you can! When you buy with Idaho Choice Beef, you co-op with your neighbors to own a quality animal. Each animal is divided into 25 shares. Purchase as many shares as you like, and we will feed, care for, arrange for butcher, cut and wrap, and deliver your share of quality meat right to your door!

Butcher's Cuts

Idaho Choice Beef believes that people want to be connected to their food. They miss knowing where their food comes from, and want to eliminate steps from farm to table. At Idaho Choice Beef, we offer the chance to own an animal and move it from our farm to your table. Contact us today!

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Joe Ward of Idaho Choice Beef raised his first steer in 1990. In the 28 years since, he has raised thousands of cattle, working with nutritionists and experts in the field to raise quality animals.
Well-fed, well-cared for cattle make fantastic meat. We pride ourselves on producing quality meat that far exceeds the quality you’re used to from the grocery store. Give us a try--you’ll be amazed at what a difference eating local can make!

Sliced Beef


Interested in doing business with Idaho Choice Beef? Contact us to see what we can do for you. Our business hours are M-F: 8am-8pm.

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